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England’s exclusive institutions, generally called public colleges, have been popular for hundreds of years. Eton, and Winston Churchill’s college, Harrow, as well as many others, have actually developed, and preserve to this day, a standard of education that attracts the children of leaders, aristocrats and oligarchs from all over the world.

Called ‘The Eleven Plus,’ all those who passed were supplied with free education and learning at a grammar institution. Those that fell short were educated at a secondary modern-day college, with the alternative of a transfer to a technical or commercial institution at the age of thirteen.

With the rigour of the Eleven Plus assessment, it may have been expected that all the trainees of the grammar schools were potential college product however this was no so. At the end of the initial year, roughly half of the students went into the ‘A’ stream heading in the direction of Academe, as well as the other half were expected to leave after the ‘O’ level assessments at the age of sixteen, or go after other paths to an industrial or professional occupation. Concerning 5 percent of all children went on to university and also a lot of these came from grade school, with Manchester Grammar School regularly topping the league table ahead of all the leading public colleges.

high_school_students_-_science_city_-_kolkata_2012-07-31_0705There is no question that the grade school were the very best institutions England ever had, and also the system where they ran was the fairest yet devised. Clever children from poor houses were confessed as well as the door was barred to kids of rich moms and dads if they could not qualify. Entry was simply on merit. It is frequently claimed that in England the prime minister is constantly from Eton or another top public institution, but also for a few years head of states like Edward Heath took the lift of the grade school to high public workplace. This was possible for a couple of short lived years, however by the mid-1960s the grade school were swept away by the government of Harold Wilson, himself a previous grade school student, leaving again the pursuit of excellence to the economic sector.

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Regarding five percent of all kids went on to college and also most of these came from grammar colleges, with Manchester Grammar College routinely covering the organization table in advance of all the leading public colleges.

There is no doubt that the grammar colleges were the ideal schools England ever before had, and also the system in which they operated was the fairest yet designed. It is commonly claimed that in England the prime minister is always from Eton or one more leading public institution, yet for a couple of years prime ministers like Edward Heath took the elevator of the grammar college to high public office.

This post is also available in: Italiano (Italian)

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