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By adding half a cup of salt to the water you use to wash the floor, you will make the ceramic floors get dirty less quickly and give the parquet a shine.


There are many contraindications to the indiscriminate use of sodium chloride for food, since it causes hypertension, kidney problems and water retention. However, salt can be a great ally in domestic cleaning. So if your doctor has forbidden you to consume it, take the opportunity to use the house cleaning salt.

Use of salt at home

  • Keep the flowers fresh for longer; just add a pinch in the water of the vase.
  • It stops the growth of weeds in the garden; spread it in the cracks of the tiles or in the edges where they usually grow.
  • Extinguishes fires with oil; throw it on the flames. 
  • Eliminate ice on the driveway and on the sidewalk; dusting it in the snow or on the frost, prevents the ice from sticking to the ground.
  • Remove the ants; put it at the entrance of the house, around the windows and under the doors.
  • Dries linen in winter; put a small pinch of salt in the last rinse water to prevent the laundry lying outside from freezing.


  •  Protects wicker furniture, preventing them from turning yellow; apply it with a damp brush and let it dry in the sun.
  • Increases the duration of the bath or kitchen sponges; after having used them, soak them in water and salt.
  • It prevents frost from forming in the windows of the house and in the car windows; rub a sponge with water and salt.
  • Deodore the shoes; Spread a little inside, it will eliminate moisture and bad smell.

Use of salt for cleaning the house

  • Eliminates all the dirt of casseroles, pans, pots, ovens and stoves, caused by the escape of food and the remains of burnt food. Spread plenty of salt and remove it with kitchen paper.
  • Remove wine stains from fabrics; apply a generous amount of salt to the affected area by moving upwards. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse the garment, if it’s clothes. If it’s a carpet, rub the salt and vacuum it over it.
  • Deodorizes and cleans the freezer. Apply salt and soda in the door and inside a few minutes before defrosting or cleaning.


  • Eliminates rust stains from fabrics. Mix a little salt with the juice of a lemon, moisten well and let it dry in the sun. Afterwards, washed as usual.
  • Clear the white circles on the wooden furniture, after placing a glass or a wet object. Apply a layer of oil and salt on the stain, let it stand for an hour and remove.
  • Remove grease from iron cooking utensils. Sprinkle a little salt over it and let it rest. Remove the excess and wash as usual. The same technique can be used to eliminate dark spots of coffee and tea in the cups.
  • It reduces the bad smell in containers and bottles, both glass and plastic (but especially in the latter in which smells are easier to concentrate). Add a tablespoon of salt inside the container and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse normally with detergent or other cleaning products.
  • Removes stains from bathtubs, sinks or sinks. Make a mixture of turpentine and salt essence; apply it on the surfaces and let it rest for 15 minutes to remove that yellowish color so unsightly. Then, for everything to be perfect, pass a damp sponge to collect the excesses.


  • Clean all the rooms in the house. Fill a bucket with warm water and add half a cup of salt. Pass the mop as usual. If the floor is made of wood, it will shine more, if it is made of ceramic, it will prevent it from getting dirty immediately afterwards.
  • It makes objects in bronze, silver and copper shine. Prepare a mixture of equal parts of vinegar, flour and salt. Apply it on objects and let it rest for fifteen minutes. Remove gently with a brush and dry with a dry cloth. After polished.
  • Prevents grease and bad smell in the sink. Prepare a paste with vinegar and salt and put it in the drain.
  • Prevents the iron from sticking to clothes; apply a little salt and starch. This also makes it like new sheets and cotton clothing.
  • Cleans the yellowed keys of the piano. Put some salt and lemon juice on a cloth and gently rub the keys to remove stains due to moisture, the passage of time or use. You can use the same treatment for objects in marble or ivory.
  • Increases the duration of the scopes. Before using them for the first time, immerse them in hot water and salt.
  • Brightens the colors of the fabrics to be washed, such as curtains or mats made of natural fibers.
  • Removes sweat stains from clothes. Pour four tablespoons of salt into a liter of hot water. Rub the garment with a sponge until the halo is gone.
  • Removes blood stains. Immerse your clothes in cold water and salt, rinse in boiling water with soap. Only for garments in cotton, linen and natural fibers.


 Images courtesy of Casey Konstantine, Joanna Bourne, Charles Haynes, Aaron Stidwell

This post is also available in: Français (French) Español (Spanish)

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