How to prepare a natural vanilla scent

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Vanilla helps us to improve the mood, so it is indicated in cases of depressive idiot. It helps us to reconcile sleep and also acts as a mosquito repellent.


Benefits of the aroma of vanilla

The delicious and sweet aroma of vanilla fills us with energy at the same time we feel it; in the same way, it greatly improves our state of mind, since it helps to calm anxiety. The fragrances based on vanilla, in fact, are recommended for people suffering from depression.

The vanilla scent helps to rest more easily, because it has a sedative effect that, moreover, avoids the insomnia caused by stress. We must also take into account the fact that it can be of great help to keep mosquitoes away, as it is an excellent natural repellent.

Prepare the natural vanilla scent


  • A glass container with a lid
  • A container for perfume
  • A knife
  • A coffee filter
  • Alcohol 70%
  • Four or five vanilla pods
  • Twenty drops of jojoba oil or sweet almonds

Method of preparation

Actually preparing this vanilla-based perfume is very simple. First you have to open the vanilla pods in half. After scraping them, remove all the contents inside that you put in a glass container. You can also use what’s left of the pods you have to cut into very small pieces.

Then pour enough alcohol to completely cover the pods; close the container and leave it in a warm and dry place for about six weeks. During this period of time, once a week you have to remove the cap and move everything well and then close the container again. After six weeks, open the container and filter the liquid using one or two coffee filters.

When the preparation is completely filtered, you can place it in the container for the perfume you have available and add a few drops of the chosen oil (the oil allows the scent to last for longer on our skin).

You must keep the perfume in a cool and dry place. It can last several months, during which it will lose its fragrance, therefore, you must try to consume it before four months pass.

This post is also available in: Français (French) Español (Spanish)

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